From Healthcare to the Peace Corps. A Recruiters Journey

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From Healthcare to the Peace Corps. A Recruiters Journey


Today we are both happy and sad because one of our Recruiters, Rachel Aouate, is leaving HSP to join the Peace Corps. Rachel started working at HSP over a year ago. Her ability to bond with her candidates, understand the client’s needs, and her desire to keep on learning and to better herself each day, is what propelled Rachel into becoming one of the top Recruiters at HSP.


Before leaving, we sat down with Rachel to discussed her time at HSP, and give us a little insight into why she decided to join the Peace Corps.


Before we start, I would just like to say that everyone at HSP is sad that you are leaving, but we  understand why you are doing it, but for the readers at home, could you tell them what made you want to join the Peace Corps?


Rachel: What fascinated me about the Peace Corps, was the work that they do and continue to do. I was fascinated with the fact that a single Individual can make a huge difference on other people’s lives.


As you embark on this new journey of your life, what is the thing or things that you are looking forward to the most?


Rachel: One of the things that I am looking forward to the most , is the mutual learning between the community and myself. Being placed in a different culture, and community from where I grew up, will allow me to experience things that I have never experience before, and see things from a whole new perspective.

What were some of the things that you enjoy about working at HSP, and what is one memory that you will never forget? 

Rachel: What I enjoyed about working at HSP is the diverse and friendly environment, where your coworkers become your friends.

Where management gives you every resource that you need to become successful.  Let me think, one of fondest memories that I have about HSP, is that every once in a while, we have a pot luck. Maxie (HSP President/CEO) is always joking that we at HSP are like the United Nations, where we have many people of different cultures and backgrounds, all working together for a common goal. And when we have a pot luck it truly feels like the United Nations, where you get to taste Shrimp Ceviche from Mexico, Dinuguan from the Philippines and Gumbo from Louisiana.


One last question, what are a couple things that you would like people to know about yourself?


Rachel: I love donuts, elephants, and cats.


Thank you Rachel, for taking time off your busy schedule and answering some of our questions. We know that you must be busy packing and getting ready to start Peace Corps Training. We will truly miss you.


Rachel: No problem, and I will miss all of you as well.