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Maricel’s Trip To San Francisco



For being the top Sales performer for the months of May and June, Maricel won an all expenses paid trip to San Francisco. This Trip included 4 roundtrip Airline tickets, 3 day 2 night stay at the beautiful Hilton in Union Square and experiences that will last a lifetime. We took the time to talk to Maricel and discuss her experience on the trip, here are some of the memories she had to share.


Q: Top performer for the month of May and June. How do you feel about that?

A: It feels great. I feel like I have accomplished something and all of my hard work paid off.


Q: Are you excited about upcoming contests?

A: Very excited! I’m looking forward to upcoming contests.


Q: How do you feel about HSP rewarding you on this trip?

A:  I’m happy that the company is doing this because we get rewarded for all of our hard work and it’s so motivating to win a contest.


Q: Where did you stay in San Francisco?

A: I stayed at the Hilton on the 46th floor. It was a beautiful view of the city. As soon as my family and I get there, they treated us so well and offered us food on the house. I loved that.


Q: What did you do while being out there?

A: We visited Lombard Street, Fisherman’s Wharf (loved the clam chowder there), Golden Gate Bridge, St. Mary Cathedral, Union square mall and Twin Peaks.  I loved the weather out there and the fact that everything is ECO friendly.


Thank you, Maricel for taking the time to share your memories. Congrats on winning!