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To keep the business office and administrative areas running optimally, you need strong, highly-specialized performers. These resources excel when they have an eye for detail, a commitment to accuracy and a drive to create and follow established processes. From the c-level positions to the mail-room clerks (and everything in between), HSP will find the right match to fill these most commonly sought-after administrative job orders. Submit your administrative job order below!

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What You Need to Know About Administrative Staffing Agency

If you need to find a temporary or a long-term replacement for your admin staff who went on a vacation or quit a position, an administrative staffing agency can help you find the right person. An agency can help you add new staff if your assistant cannot work for quite some time. It can help find the person who fits your requirements and has the skills that provide satisfying results.

Where Can You Hire Office Staff

Everyone knows that the Internet is always there to find everything that you want, even a new employee. You can hire office staff on corporate social media platforms like LinkedIn. You can also borrow from job sites.

If you choose this method, prepare your team to do the interviewing process, negotiating, benefits processing, and the like.

However, you can also choose to hire from an administrative staffing agency to do all the hiring processes for you. All you need to do is focus on your business or job, and let the agency send the employee who is competent enough to fill the position.

What Does an Admin Staffing Company Do

An administrative staffing agency has workers that third-party organizations or employers can hire for long-term or temporary jobs. Many people refer to it as an employment agency that sends temporary employees to fill a specialized position.

It is not the same as placement agencies that send full-time employees for a fee.

Staffing agencies have the power to hire or fire an employee. They are also responsible for providing the taxes and benefits of the workers, such as social security and healthcare benefits.

The client company must inform the staffing agency how many temporary employees they will need and how much they will give as an hourly rate.

Summary of what a staffing company does:

  • Hiring
  • Firing
  • Paying employment taxes, social security, and benefits

What Is the Best Office Staffing Agency

The best office staffing agency should align with your business or company values because it serves as a mediator between you and the new employee. It provides guarantees that serve as your security from bad hires.

Moreover, it should fulfill its primary purpose of sending the best workers to work on your company while saving your time and resources. You should have access to a pool of staff that can fill the necessary roles.

Hiring from an administrative staffing agency allows you to enjoy the perks of saving your time and money. You can also have access to an extensive network of employees who can work for you.

Administrative Staffing Services


Clerical Assistant
Medical Front Desk
Administrative Specialist
Administrative Analyst
Administrative Assistant
Executive Secretary
Executive Assistant
Office Administrator
Office Assistant
Office Manager


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)/(CIO)
Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)
Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Customer Support

Customer Service Representative
Contact Center Specialist
Call Specialist

Call Center

Call Center Trainer
Call Center Sales Agent

Mail Room

Mail Center Technician
Mail Clerk
Mail Handler


Marketing Manager
Social Media specialist
Content Manager
Even/Field Marketing Specialist
Sales Operations Administrator
Sales Support
Project and Comm Specialist

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