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High quality, cost effective patient care is largely dependent upon the clinical expertise of your physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers, scientists and technicians. Medical, dental, imaging, laboratory, pharmacy, rehab, diatetics — no matter the area of specialization, HSP has you covered.  We vet the candidates, validate the credentials and perform the background checks to ensure that the medical personnel you hire are among the nation’s best.  Submit your healthcare job order below!

What You Need to Know About Our Healthcare Staffing Agency

You cannot just hire anyone in the healthcare industry, but you can trust a reliable healthcare staffing agency to provide an excellent worker for you.

The healthcare industry is a sensitive area because it is the life and well-being of the patients at stake. That is why you should not just have to entrust them to the care of untrained professionals.

You are in a dilemma. The healthcare industry always has a shortage of healthcare workers, and you are to busy focusing on the operation of the hospital, which is why you cannot find the time. However, you cannot just entrust the patients’ well-being only to anyone.

Here is where a healthcare staffing agency can help you.

Why Allow Healthcare Staffing Agencies to Do the Hiring for You

It is because of the following reasons:

  • Saves time
  • Reduced Risk
  • Skilled health workers
  • Nurse shortage solution

Saves Time

It is the main reason why you should allow a staffing agency to do the hiring for you. It saves you time from interviewing or negotiating with a job applicant. Also, the hiring procedure is fast. All you need to do is inform the agency about the number of people you need, the rate you provide, and the job position.

Reduced Risk

If you hire someone from a staffing agency, you do not have to worry about paying the workers’ taxes or benefits. In case problems in these areas arise, the workers will have to deal it with the agency and not with you.

Skilled Health Workers

Legit and quality healthcare staffing agencies know who to hire. They hire the right person to fill the position.

Nurse Shortage Solution

There are registered nurses shortage in the US nowadays. It is due to the increasing number of patients and nurse retirements. If your hospital is one of the establishments experiencing this problem, you can get someone to work for the position.

Types of Roles

Travel Nursing

The necessity for these nurses vary depending on the patients’ cases, but they are not ideal to hire for permanent or long-term jobs.

Per Day or As Needed

These nurses work for the shortest time. There is no guarantee of how many hours they will work. These nurses are best to fill the positions of other nurses who canceled appointments or meet patients’ immediate demands.


As the term states, these nurses are ideal for contractual or permanent hiring.

As you can see, even if there is a nursing shortage in the US nowadays, you can find a solution and enjoy the advantages of hiring from a healthcare staffing agency.

Healthcare & Medical Staffing Services


Registered Nurse (All Specialties)
Licensed Vocational Nurse
Certified Nursing Assistant
Medical Assistant (Front & Back Office)
Charge Nurse
Sterile Processing Technician


Physician Assistant
Nurse Practitioner
Medical Scribe

Mental Health

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Marriage and Family Therapist
Licensed Psychiatric Technician
Recreational Therapist


Occupational Therapist
Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant
Physical Therapist
Physical Therapist Assistant
Speech Language Pathologist
Respiratory Therapist


Dental Hygienist
Registered Dental Assistant
Dental Assistant


Pharmacy Technician


Primary Care
All Specialties


Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Medical Imaging

Radiologic Technologist (X-ray Tech)
EKG Technician


Registered Dietician
Dietetic Technician


Clerical Assistant
Medical Front Desk
Administrative Specialist
Administrative Analyst
Administrative Assistant
Executive Secretary
Executive Assistant
Office Administrator
Office Assistant
Office Manager


Project Manager
Training Specialist
Application Specialist

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