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What Are the Truths About Travel Nursing

Travel nursing refers to an independent healthcare staffing agency position for registered nurses who have different clinical experiences. This position came into the picture when staffing agencies saw the need for more workforce in the healthcare industry because of the international shortage for this position. 

Travel nurses work in hospitals, clinics, or wherever their patients need them on a temporary or short-term basis. The primary reason is to fill in shortages or a canceled position.

How Do I Become a Travel Nurse

If you have a dream to become a travel nurse, you need to secure the following requirements:

·         Active registered nurse license

·         Diploma of your training as a nurse

·         Bachelor’s degree or associate degree in nursing

·         State licensure (if working domestically in the US) unless you have Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), and you will work in Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

·         Fundamental certifications, such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Basic Life Support (BLS)

·         Specialization certifications, such as the Neonatal Resuscitation Program and Certification for Critical Care

·         Residence information (for tax purposes)

·         Related experience

How Does Travel Nursing Work

If you think you have what it takes to become a travel nurse, it is time to look for a staffing agency and prepare all the documents and requirements mentioned above.

In a staffing agency, you need to fill-up an application form, which may include checklists of your skills. After submitting your requirements and application form, the staffing agency will decide whether to hire you.

If the staffing agency hires you, it will most likely assign a recruiter who will be your contact person and guide along the process. This person will be the one who will provide you the jobs or assignments; that is why it is essential to tell this person your career goals.

However, despite being hired by an agency, expect that you will still have to undergo the interview process.

Should I Do Travel Nursing

It would be best if you weigh the pros and cons of working for a staffing agency. You also have to figure out if the lifestyle of being a travel nurse will be fulfilling.

Is Travel Nursing Worth the Money

If adventures are one of the reasons that you want to become a travel nurse, this profession is worth the money and hard work. This position can provide you great pay for tax-free stipends, tax breaks, bonuses, discounts, reimbursements, and more. Your salary may also increase as you gain more experience.

Is Travel Nursing Lonely

If you think travel nursing is a lonely profession, you are wrong. It is possible to travel with your friend, who is also a travel nurse.

It is also possible to travel with your significant others and loved ones as you do your job.

Being a travel nurse is a rewarding profession. Not only you share a part of making a difference in other people’s lives, but the pay and experiences are fulfilling. 

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