K-12 Services

HSP K-12 Staffing is education-led and quality service driven. We aim to service the education industry by focusing our expertise and knowledge on understanding the needs of K-12 schools. We provide services to our educational partners to meet their needs including special services. Adding HSP as a staffing supplier is providing key added value to our clients:

  • Strategic Partner with National presence
  • Diverse Strategies and contingent
  • State of the Art Technology
  • Top notch Marketing and Recruiting
  • Talent Acquisition expertise
  • Seasoned Management Team
  • Special Project based Staffing

Benefits of using a staffing agency such as HSP:

HSP allows your organization to eliminate the lengthy and tedious process of onboarding new permanent staff that can sometimes take months to complete. Our agency takes on the responsibility to identify, onboard, and credential qualified candidates with a faster turnaround time all for a flat rate. Along with providing cost-effective and a faster onboarding process, hiring temporary staff allows your organization to test hire employees before permanently bringing them on, eliminating time spent on screening and the cost to onboard. 

Some positions HSP can help staff:

  • Nurses/RNs/LVNs
  • Medical Assistants
  • Social Workers
  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA)
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Therapy Assistants (PTAs/COTAs)
  • School Psychologists
  • Teachers, Special Education Teachers?

HR-Related tasks HSP handles:

  • Compliance
  • Background checks
  • Benefits
  • Orientation
  • Leaves of absence
  • Employee Verification
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