Science Staffing

The Missing Key to Your Science Department

 From mergers and acquisitions to evolving reimbursement models, changes in the industry are dramatically impacting the science department.  Your hires in the areas of science need to have industry knowledge and practical experience.  HSP recruiters are skilled at finding, evaluating and matching the right science department talent to your needs.  Submit your science job order below!

Science Staffing Services

R&D and Biotechnology

Analytical Chemists
Animal Scientists
Applications Scientists
Bioanalytical Chemists
Biomedical Engineers
Commissioning Specialists
Compliance Specialist
Computational Biologist
Document Control Associate
Manufacturing (upstream and downstream processing)
Manufacturing Engineer Pharmacologists
Pre-Clinical Scientists
Process Engineer
Product Development Scientists
Production Tech
Protein Scientist
Quality Assurance
Quality Engineer
Supply Chain Analyst
Validation Specialists


Clinical Data Coordinators
Clinical Data Entry Personnel
Clinical Monitors/CRA’s
Clinical Program Manager
Clinical Project Coordinator
Clinical Project Managers
Clinical Research Associates
Clinical Research Coordinators
Clinical Research Manager
Clinical Study Associate
Clinical Study Manager
Clinical Supplies Coordinator/Manager
Clinical Trial Associates
Clinical Trial Coordinator
Contract CRA’s
Contract Manager

Scientific Discovery & Research

Analytical Chemists
Medicinal Chemists
Cell Biologists
Molecular Biologists
Medical Device Engineers

Scientific Pre-Clinical Development

ADME/DMPK Scientists
Animal Scientists Toxicologists
Product Development

Scientific Manufacturing

Biological Manufacturing
Fermentation Scientists
Purification Scientists
Cell Culture Technicians
Process Engineers


Analytical Chemists
Animal Care Technician
Bio chromatography
Biologist Bioprocessing
Cell Biologists
Commissioning Specialists
Formulations Chemist
Lab Manager
Lab Technician
Manufacturing Chemist
Manufacturing Engineer
Medical Affairs
Medical Writer
Medicinal Chemist
Molecular Biologists
Organic Chemist
Process Engineer
Production Technician
Quality Assurance Analysts
Quality Control Analysts
Quality Engineer Research
Scientist Scientific Writer
Supply Chain Analyst
Technical Writer
Validation Specialists

If you are looking for a science-related job, you can benefit from using a science job recruiter.

This type of organization may also be referred to as a science staffing agency. Below are some of the key advantages of using such an agency for your science job search:

First, a science worker recruiter has market knowledge that is specific to that niche. The recruiter will have in-depth knowledge of that science job market and how it regularly changes. This includes understanding the science job market in all of the different fields. The recruiter is not restricted to work with one company so they can provide you with a broad array of job options.

The science recruiter also will know the companies that are hiring. They could be small biotechnology companies or large engineering companies. They probably have access to jobs before they show up on job boards. Science recruiters can help you land an interview before thousands of people see the jobs on the company website.

Working with a recruiter often ensures that your resume will go to the top of the pile.

Second, science recruiters are trained as specialists in the field. For example, recruiters at a certain science staffing company may have a background in the life sciences, including a science degree and several years of industry experience.

This specialized knowledge provides a good understanding of how the science industry works and provides better insights into current market trends. This can help you better know what is going on in your field and you can make better career decisions.

Third, working with a science staffing organization means that a lot of the hard work of the job search has been done for you. By the time you are talking about a particular job, much background work has gone into getting to this stage. The recruiter can help you to make vital connections with employers that will benefit your science career progression.

They already have met with the company and understand what their needs are. You are able to glean the inside information that other job searchers want and you did not have to do any work. You will already know about salary, job location, type of work, and more information on some of the projects you may see.

In summary, working with a science recruiting company offers the possibility of finding better jobs faster, before other people even know about them.

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