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COVID-19 is the virus that caused the latest world pandemic. Its effects are devastating. Thousands of people are dead, others are fighting with this virus, and many more have lost their jobs. All industries across the world are affected by the coronavirus pandemic and from what it seems, the virus is here to stay so we must learn to live with it.

Some domains and businesses are defeated by the pandemic, others that are trying to survive, and a few others that thrive during these times. Learning how to do your job while also paying great attention to health measures might turn to be a challenge. Especially for businesses that are working and interacting with lots of people daily.

This is the case of staffing agencies and not only. The recruiting, as we know it, might never be the same. The same goes for staffing. With more and more businesses being closed, the market is thriving with exceptional and capable people looking for a job, shows an assignment help by the best paper writing services.

But at the same time, the number of available jobs is smaller than before, so many of these people will have a hard time finding a job. Staffing agencies are the ones that can help them be temporarily placed within a company that is looking for people. But which is the impact this pandemic has on them? They were used to having lots of collaborators, but now with these restrictions, few of them will be able to survive this crisis.

An important detail that will help staffing agencies survive is the rapid spread of the virus. Many employees that contact the virus need to be placed in quarantine, so they miss at least 14 days of work. Which can have negative impacts on many businesses. Even so, recruiting and staffing will be sporadic, and this comes with consequences.

Staffing agencies find themselves in a standstill. The market evolves chaotically, the same seems to do COVID-19. So, what and how to do it during these difficult times? How to staff your business?

Measures of Protection

One of the most important things you should avoid is getting your staff sick. The coronavirus is spreading rapidly and fast, and besides, it is something we cannot see. So, it is important to check all the protocols businesses which reopen should follow to prevent the spread of the virus within the company. Businesses need to protect the health of their staff, but also of the candidates they will interview. People need to feel safe and secure, so strict precautions need to be recommended.

Staffing agencies have an important mission of following guidelines for protection. All employees within the company should feel safe when they come to work, so you should provide face masks, disinfectants, and other protective equipment they need.

Choose Online Recruiting Tools

The activity of staff agencies might be brought to a halt by the latest pandemic. What was not long before a thriving industry, now it’s a challenged one. If the number of active cases will continue to grow, new restrictions might be imposed. “Face-to-face meetings should be avoided in most cases, but this is not always possible when you want to test the practical skills of a candidate”, says Melanie Gray, the hr manager from Assignment Helper.

However, staffing agencies should look for and buy online recruiting tools to help them manage their work efficiently. This will help them prevent possible infections of their employees, but also save a lot of time. And because recruiting has been pretty hectic these times, when new jobs become available as people get sick and need replacements, they need a lot of time.

Online recruiting tools help staffing agencies manage the pool of candidates easier, find the best available job for them, and place them within a company they will fit. And the same is valid if staffing agencies have available jobs within the agency. We enter a new era when working remotely might become the new normal, so shifting the offline activity to online will be a necessity to keep up with competitors.

Staff Retention

Staff retention during and after lockdown might seem challenging. Especially if your employees were not satisfied with their work, lifestyle, or work-life balance. However, because of these troubled times when the rate of unemployment skyrocketed, people will take into consideration the special characteristics of this period. They will resign only if they have a better job offer elsewhere, which might not be frequent.

However, it is important, as an employer, to pay attention to employee retention no matter what. It should be one of your top priorities. You need to make everything possible to increase their work satisfaction, especially during these times marked by stress and uncertainty. We all are affected by the world pandemic and the constant precautions we have to take to protect ourselves and our families.

So, you could offer some bonuses, training options, and opportunities within the company that will help them grow. That will help your employees develop and improve their skills so that they will meet further demands successfully.

At the same time, a staffing agency should respond emphatically to its employees’ needs, desires, and complaints. This will help you create a stronger bond between you and them, which in turn will lead to an increase in work satisfaction and team cohesion. Their productivity will likely increase and it will turn to be a quid-pro-quo deal. You help them improve their wellbeing and mood, they become more productive and help your staffing agency grow and meet customers’ demands, say experts from research paper writing services.

Be Flexible

Flexibility might be one of the words that better describe the attitude all employers should have. Living these uncertain times comes with challenges for staffing agencies, their customers, and candidates alike. There are many businesses that had not implemented work-from-home policies before, so now they are trying to deal with these changes. It will turn to be a challenge for some of them, but a bigger one will be for businesses who rely their activity on on-site work.

Flexibility is something that should characterize the activities of a staffing agency. They need to support their customers in promoting their jobs and staffing them, while also ensuring strict distancing measures between employees.

But flexibility is a value that should describe the decisions of a staffing agency for itself too. Employees should be allowed to work remotely and to be provided with the tools they need to conduct their work efficiently. If working remotely is not always possible, you should change the schedule completely. You might introduce work-shifts and flexible working hours to stop a possible spread of the virus within the agency and also protect the health of your employees.

Returning to the workplace will not be easy, especially because things have changed. Most people will be affected by the negative consequences of lockdown and caring for their wellbeing will be something they will need.

At the same time, the workload of staffing agencies will slowly increase. Why? Because more and more people get sick, so they need to take medical leave, so they cannot do their job anymore. More and more companies get the help of staffing agencies to fill these open jobs on a short-term basis. These collaborations will be more and more frequent, so you need to protect your employees’ mental health. Flexible working hours and working-from-home prevent overtime and improve their wellbeing.


Staffing agencies face new challenges ahead. They need to fulfill customers’ needs while protecting their employees and recruiting more team members. The domain of HR, recruiting, training, and so on will be different due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so things will need to be changed.

You need to protect your employees’ and candidates’ health and opt for online recruiting tools. Flexibility should be the word that better describes your approach as a staffing agency during these times. Work-from-home, flexible hours, or working shifts should be adopted as a way to make work smoother and safer. Pay attention to staff retention and offer development opportunities, as the times that come will be challenging for staffing businesses.

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