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Quite a few changes are happening in the business environment. Unemployment is increasing across industries and positions, so the job market became more competitive practically overnight.

Also, there are many new ways to discover a job and apply for it. And all of these make searching for a job much more complex.

With these notions in mind, many reasons job seekers should work with a staffing company become apparent. However, there’s a lot more to the story.

A good recruitment services agency also provides their candidates with the upper hand, which is often necessary for securing an open position over other candidates.

These firms have local connections and industry knowledge, and with them, you can learn how to knock your next job interview out of the park.

If you still aren’t convinced that you should use the help that staffing companies offer, make sure to read all of our reasons why you should consider it.

Both you and your career can benefit a lot from them.

How it all works?

Before we dive further into the topic, we want to address some frequently asked questions and misconceptions. Usually, it works in the following way.

A company that needs workers hires a recruitment firm to find them qualified candidates for the open positions.

So, when you’re meeting with an agency, you should treat all the phone calls and interviews as you’re talking with a potential employer.

The recruiter from the agency is screening for the company. Therefore, you want to be your best self throughout the process.

Agencies will want to send only the best candidates to their clients. And if you know that, it’s not difficult to understand why you need to be prompt, professional, and on top of everything if you want them to help you.

Another misconception is that the job seeker needs to pay a fee for staffing services. And this is not how things work here.

When they find you a job, an employer pays for their services. If you don’t use additional services (such as resume writing, if they offer it), you shouldn’t be asked for any type of fee.

Employers hire staffing companies, and they pay for their services.

How a recruitment agency can help a prospective employer

Although you’re a job seeker, it’s still helpful to understand the reasons behind why a company would hire a recruitment firm in the first place.

This knowledge can help you position yourself properly, and therefore get a more acceptable job.

There are many reasons why an employer might work with an agency to find the right people for their positions. And in the time of the coronavirus pandemic, the staffing industry’s role is brought a step above.

Today, it’s safer for big companies to outsource this work as they’ll have fewer people coming into their offices.

On the other hand, most small businesses don’t have a recruitment team on staff. And since lots of these businesses operate within a specific niche, it’s not easy for them to find qualified employees.

So, this is their only option if they want to get a good influx of reliable workforce.

It’s not uncommon that a company doesn’t have time to run a 30+ day advertisement, review tens or even hundreds of resumes, and schedule interviews.

Using an agency saves them a lot of time on screening, so they can interview only the pre-screened candidates and find perfect persons for the job among them.

Additionally, companies like to utilize the expertise these agencies bring to the table. Sometimes, employers are looking for specific and unique candidates.

In this scenario, the recruiter works around the clock to find someone who is a diamond in the rough that the company needs.

Now that you understand how staffing agencies operate, we can dive into reasons job seekers should work with a staffing company.

Recruitment agencies help employers by doing the time-consuming parts of the employing process.

Get your foot in the door

It often happens that people looking for a job can’t even get past tracking systems designed to weed out unfit candidates, let alone secure an interview in the company they’re interested in working for.

Since it’s so easy to apply for a job, there are countless candidates for each open position. This can create a feeling that the odds are always stacked against you, even when it’s not the case.

Staffing agencies have connections that will help you overcome this challenge with ease.

So, essentially, when you’re applying for a job in another state, you’ll have more time to spend thinking about how to plan your long-distance move and make the relocation process easier instead of how to get to an interview.

As a job seeker, you’ll be asked by an agency to provide an elevator pitch or a summary of your experience and why you are the person that should be hired.

They’ll pass this information along to hiring teams at companies with open positions.

Eventually, the recruiter will find and identify a job where you will be a good fit, and they’ll pass your backstory to the employer.

This is the thing that distinguishes you from all the other applicants and which moves you further down the interview process.

Working with a staffing company saves you time

As you already know, applying to jobs online can be an effective strategy for finding a job. However, it may not be the fastest or the most efficient method.

With a staffing agency, you can find a job that is a perfect fit and which will promote your career objectives and skill growth.

Recruiters have all the needed skills and perspectives to evaluate the candidates quickly.

So, if your skills and background align with what companies are after, not much time will pass until they connect you with the hiring team.

Even if you’re not the youngest applicant, staffing companies know the importance of older people in the workplace, so you’ll get an equal chance as any other person.

And in today’s time, speed is what everyone is after. The quicker you get to talk to employers, the faster you’ll get a job.

And if the job you land happens to be a dream come true for you, all the chances are that you won’t need their help ever again.

One of the main reasons job seekers should work with a staffing company is because it saves time.

Extend your reach

Job seekers should work with a staffing company because they are continually looking to fill open positions. Therefore, you can expect to be pushed as the ideal candidate with each new opening.

And while you can cover the ground on your own, having a recruiter by your side can increase your chances of finding your next job exponentially, especially if they decide to cast a wider net through their connections.

While we’re on the topic, it’s important to mention that if they don’t match you with a job within a short timeframe, the staffing company will have you in their database.

So, you can be sure that they’ll consider you for other relevant positions as they become available.

Get access to more job opportunities

One obvious positive thing about using a recruitment agency is that they’re exposed to hundreds of job openings. This means that you can expect them to discover a new job opportunity about which you wouldn’t hear otherwise.

They might even have information about a position that will open up soon.

These agencies have access to an extensive network of companies. And this automatically expands the breadth of job opportunities you have access to.

In fact, there are positions in firms that are accessible only through a recruiter. Companies are fond of making agreements to try and fill open positions before publicly posting an ad.

Some recruiters specialize in a specific range of industry jobs. It’s not uncommon to see staffing companies dealing exclusively with finding qualified healthcare, IT, or admin employees.

Therefore, even if your recruiter doesn’t know of any good positions they can apply you for, they might be able to connect you with a colleague with a different industry focus.

You’ll get access to a lot more job opportunities, and you might be able to pick where you want to go.

Get feedback on your resume or interview skills.

Contrary to most potential employers, a staffing company will want to provide feedback on your job search efforts. This process begins with the first call that is usually based on a standard interview and comes shortly after you submit your resume.

The idea behind it is that the recruiter gets to know each candidate.

After this call, they may offer tips on better representing your experience or tackling difficult interview questions. They’ll identify the skills that you’re not managing to bring up during the interview, and they’ll offer advice on how you can improve the situation.

These people are the experts when it comes to the interview process. So, the insights they’ll provide you with could easily be one of the biggest reasons job seekers should work with a staffing company.

You’ll learn a lot, and you’ll get a job. What more could you ask for?

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