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Here are some things that a good healthcare staffing agency will do to make sure that you get the best candidates for your practice. 

They Have a Wide Network

You want to find an agency that has contacts with many potential candidates. The last thing you want to do is have one that has to scramble themselves to find people to send your way. That will ultimately be a waste of both your time and theirs. 

The healthcare network is a big one. When looking around, try to gauge how well-plugged they are. Are they talking to a lot of people or does it seem like they are doing website searches themselves? 

They Will Go The Distance to Find You Candidates

When it comes to hiring people, there will be a LOT of candidates for an agency to sift through. You want an agency that will be careful when it comes to vetting candidates. That means digging through a laundry list of criteria…. which is work that they will gladly do if they want repeat business. 

This includes making sure that the people they send your way are temperamentally fit for the job, have a reasonable commute (you do NOT want someone who is late all the time), and have all the capabilities to do the work that you give them. 

They Also Know Everything About What You Do

Not only are the agencies figuring out the best candidates, but they also need to have a crystal clear idea of what your office does. That means they know all the medical services that you offer and who would be qualified to be able to step in and work alongside you. This is crucial to keep any miscommunications from happening. 

They Know How to Cover Themselves

This is not meant to be read as covering themselves in a “passing the buck” sense of the phrase. No, they will have guarantees in place and will work hard to rectify the situation if there is a mismatch. This way, their willingness to ensure that everything works out is the mark of both their confidence in their matching abilities and their dedication to their clients. 

Great staffing agencies offer a lot to those that hire them to bring in medical talent. This is just a small sample of what you should look for, but if they hit these markers, then you are already well on your way to bringing in fantastic healthcare workers. 

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