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If you run a healthcare facility or nursing department, you probably know that it can be hard to find the right employees. But one of the best ways to deal with staffing issues today for nurses is to hire traveling RN nurses. Consider some of the benefits of these nurses below.

First, many hospitals have staffing shortages, but hiring staff permanently may not be the best solution. Some health staffing needs may be short-term. For example, there may be a temporary increase in patients because the flu season arrived. You can use a temporary traveling nurse to staff up as you need, but you don’t have any long-term commitment.

Or, you may have some employees that are on a break or are pregnant and you need to replace them temporarily. The flexibility of traveling nurses can be just what you need.

Hard-To-Fill Positions

Some hospitals have positions that are harder to fill. Many traveling RNs work in specialized areas, such as pediatric nursing, where there is a lot of turnover. The expense of replacing the employee full-time could be too much, but bringing in a short-term traveling nurse could work well.

Cut Staffing Costs

It used to be that hiring a traveling nurse was more expensive than a full-time nurse. But now, employment costs are on the rise, so using traveling nurses could be more cost-effective. Hiring a traveling nurse reduces the need to fund benefits and overtime for full-time nurses.

Expand The Hiring Pool

If you try to fill a full-time staff position, you are more likely to be more limited in the talent pool. Most of the nurses who apply for your position will be local. If you look for traveling nurses, you could be hiring from a talent pool that spans the nation. You’re more likely to get a high-quality nurse if you are pulling from a larger pool of applicants.

Fewer Politics

Many nursing managers like to bring in nurses on a short-term and traveling basis. When people work together for a shorter time, there may be fewer personality conflicts and politics. If some people don’t get along, the traveling nurses will soon be departing for another job. Most traveling nurses take at least 2-3 jobs per year.

Hiring traveling nurses can be a great choice for your healthcare facility, so definitely give it a try when you need to hire staff.

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